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sacred vedic arts


UI Designer


UI Design

UX Design

Cross Collaboration


Project Management


Kery Mauvais


1 Month

Janardana Das

Indu Mohan Das

Radha Dasi

Kamala Melzack

problem space

Access to spiritually themed educational content and community

Accessing spiritually themed educational content and community can be challenging due to the lack of centralized platforms. We aim to create a user-friendly solution that offers diverse resources and fosters meaningful connections for spiritual growth.

Secondary Research

During this process explored and examined UI inspiration for similar sites presenting spiritual course content, but also layouts of unrelated sites that showcase media.

Observing information architecture for effectively placement of material for an effective user experience that appropriately showcases content 

Hero section that serves as prelude for the following experience which appropriately reflects the tone of the page and website 

Video player page layout

Video thumbnail layout and footer design

Footer design

Thumbnail design for eBook content


Hero header

Through thoughtful design, I crafted a captivating hero section for the course page, curated to immerse users. Seamlessly blending ceremonial, literary, performative, visual, and culinary expressions, the platform invites learners to explore the diverse dimensions of this ancient tradition in an engaging and dynamic manner.

MacBook Pro 16-inch Space Black Front (8).png

video series layout

I crafted an immersive page layout video series featuring teachings by a revered Vedic arts guru, covering subjects like Devotional Service and Anger Mastery. The platform seamlessly guides users on a journey of self-discovery and enlightenment, fostering deep connections with timeless Vedic wisdom.

video player pages

I designed a user-friendly layout for our video series led by the Vedic arts guru. With intuitive navigation, users can explore topics like Devotional Service and Anger Mastery effortlessly. 

online literature

I curated a captivating series of e-books highlighting diverse aspects of the Vedic arts within Hinduism. Explore ancient rituals, philosophical insights, and artistic expressions for a deeper understanding of this rich tradition.

Schedule/live event page

I created an informative page showcasing live stream schedules, offering users easy access to upcoming events. With intuitive design and clear organization, users can effortlessly find and engage with their preferred content, enhancing their viewing experience.


I designed a sleek footer for the website, offering easy access to essential links and information. Seamlessly integrated into the overall design, it provides a polished finish while ensuring effortless navigation for users.

MacBook Pro 16-inch Space Black Front (7).png

key takeaways

Frequent communication throughout the process with cross collaborating peers.

The value of looking at UI inspiration offering similar interface element that's fitting for needs for the site. 

Accomplishing deliverables to progress and reach as much essential milestone as possible during project duration.

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